Top 5 underrated treks of Nepal

Top 5 underrated treks of Nepal

Nepal is known to have a large number of trekking routes and trek destinations. Most treks in Nepal follow the trail that was created centuries ago. While trekking in Nepal, you are sure to see a new culture and awesome scenery. There are a lot of fascinating landscapes and interesting cultures throughout the treks. While trekking in Nepal you will pass through culturally and naturally diverse areas. Nepal has become one of the leading destinations for remote treks.  Below are the top 5 underrated treks of Nepal.
If you are traveling to Nepal or looking for new trekking routes, this article might help you to get familiarized with some of the unexplored treks Nepal. This trek even though unexplored, are by no means boring. It’s simply unexplored and very few tourists visit these places. Most people who come for treks in Nepal will be introduced to Everest, Annapurna and Langtang treks. But the underrated treks are untouched and not spoiled by mass consumption and it’s much quieter than other treks.

Mardi trek (5-7 days)

For those of you who have little time to spend but want the taste of trekking in Nepal, Mardi trek is the best option for you. Mardi trek was officially introduced in 2012. Mardi trek starts from Pokhara and reaches at the Mardi base camp at 4500m. You will get to experience the cultures and living styles of different communities in the trekking route. Walk through the dense forest, local villages, rocky terrain and even snowy path in the winter. You will be walking from hilltop to hilltop which allows you to get maximum view of mountain ranges. You will be able to see Annapurna range, Macchapucchre and Mardi mountains with a lot of other snow-covered mountains along the way.

Rara trek (11-13 days)

Rara trek is recently is getting trendy destination for domestic tourists. A lot of young Nepalese are interested to go to Rara as their holiday. Because of its remoteness, the number of tourists is very low compared to other trekking routes in Nepal. Due to its remoteness, the Rara lake has not been spoiled by human encroachment. People have been to Rara say that the beauty of Rara cannot be described or experience through photos and videos. The landscapes changes as you continue your trek. You can experience the village lifestyle and the community relationship. In longer treks, you will get to appreciate the different small things that make lifestyle in rural Nepal so interesting. Observe different community with different culture living in harmony. Enjoy the simple lifestyle filled with cultural and natural diversity.

Lamjung trek (10-13 days)

Lamjung trek will take you through some of the Nepal most famous attractions. You will pass through traditional Gurung villages like Ghalegaun, Ghanpokhara, and Sikles. When the skies open, you can view the beautiful mountains like Machhapuchhre, Annapurna 2, Lamjung Himal, Himalchuli and Mardi Himal. The number of tourists will be very low so, there will be no problem finding a place to sleep at night. If your trip coincides with different special occasions, celebrate the festival with the locals of the villages on this trek. This moderately difficult trek is cheaper than most of the trekking route of Nepal. This trek has not been fully explored or exploited so, you can get an authentic local experience of village trek. This trek can be completed in 13 days or faster so, people with a short vacation can enjoy this trip with a few days to spare.

Manaslu trek (14-16 days)

Manaslu trek is one those treks that are getting popular because of its underratedness. It is one of the moderate treks that people enjoy because of its difficulty. With a local guide, you can learn about the interesting and diverse culture along the way. Manaslu trek can be completed in 16 days or less so, in this time you can get chance to properly dissolve in the Nepalese culture. The people are friendly and as you go up the mountains, the more appreciative you get of the human relation of this region. The 8th highest mountain in the world is the main attraction of this trek.

The Manaslu peak is 8,156m ASL and you will be crossing Larkya pass at 5,135m ASL in this trek. You will get to see the change in clothing, temperature, religion followed by the communities throughout the trek. You will mostly eat local food and sleep in teahouses. During Manaslu trek you can see Himalayan goats, yaks, deer marmot and other birds of Manaslu area. The weather will get colder as you go up. Manaslu is near to Tibet so you will also see the Tibetan culture influence in this part of the country.

Kanchenjunga trek(26-29 days)

Kanchenjunga trek is one of the longest treks offered in Nepal. This trek will take you to the base camp of the third tallest peak of the world. Kanchanjunga trek will let you enjoy the proper solitude far away from the crowd. This trek will provide you with the unique experience of the rural lifestyle in the eastern region of Nepal. It is one of the unexplored and unexploited treks in Nepal and you will be able to get the most out of scenery and solitude in this trek.

This trek moves through Kanchenjunga conservation area. You will be able to enjoy massive wildlife found in the conservation area. Enjoy the massive natural diversity present in this area. The cultural and traditional diversity is very much unique and interesting. Leave like locals and eat like locals and it will be a perfect way to soak up the rich culture present in the area. There are such underrated treks that one can enjoy.