Highways of Nepal

Highways of Nepal

Nepal is full of mountains and hills. The transport has always been a challenging part for Nepal. People have been walking the mountainous trails of Nepal since centuries ago. The roads of Nepal have only started to spread all over the country just recently. Most of the cities in Nepal are connected by the highways and roads. The highways move along the rivers and mountain slopes of Nepal. Nepal is not a that big country in comparison but the roads in Nepal are not fully expanded and blacktopped.

The roads that lead to a more remote part of Nepal are rough dirt roads and full of rocky trails. Only the major highways are smooth with very little potholes. If you can endure little abrupt movement the scenery along the highway can be awesome to enjoy. The roads are curved along the flow of rivers so you will always get to see the rapid rivers flowing in most part of your journey. Forest covered hills will be at your side along your journey. Highways of Nepal pass through forests, plains, fields, villages and towns so, the scenery changes frequently, keeping the uniqueness of view while driving for hours on the highway of Nepal.
Some major highways and where they take you

1. Mahendra highway

Mahendra highway is the longest highway in Nepal. This highway runs throughout the country in the Terai region of Nepal. This highway is 1027-kilometer-long and passes through major cities of Terai region of Nepal. Mahendra highway is popularly known as an east-west highway. it is called east-west highway because this highway runs from the eastern border to the western border of the country. This highway intersects and meets the most highways of Nepal.it is also a national highway of Nepal. Mahendra highway starts from Mechi bridge at Jhapa border and ends at Gaddachowki boarder at Kanchanpur. This highway passes through popular tourist destinations like Mahendra Nagar, Dhangadi, Bardiya National park, Nepalgunj, Bharatpur, Hetauda, Kakar-bhitta.

2. Prithvi highway

Prithvi highway is one of the busiest highways of Nepal. This highway connects the five districts including Kathmandu and Kaski where Pokhara is located. Prithvihighway starts from Naubise to Prithvichowk of Pokhara. It is only 174 kilometers but the ride along this highway takes around 6 hours. This highway is only two-lane highway with lot of traffic. This highway always moves along the riverside so you can see the rapid rivers of Nepal in your trip on this highway. Trishuli river flows till you reach Malekhuthen later joined by Marsyangdi river.

It is popular road because it joins Kathmandu with Pokhara so, lot of tourist remember this highway as example of road of Nepal. There are different type of roads according to destination they join and the region they are located in.you can stop for fish in Malekhu and there are bazaars where you can shop in Muglin,Dumre, Abukhaireni. The highway also passes at kurintar which is a cable carstation taking you to Manakamana temple on the other side of hill.

3. Araniko highway

Araniko highway is also known as Kathmandu kodari highway. This highway joins the capital city of Kathmandu to china and other parts of northeastern Nepal. Araniko highway is only 144 m long but acts as one of the major roles in connecting Nepal with china. This highway starts at Maitighar junction at Kathmandu and ends at friendship bride at kodari boarder connecting with china national highway 318 to Lhasa. You can takin this highway to visit some of the tourist destination like Dhulikhel from where you can enjoy view of mountains.A little further from Dhulikhel will take you to Palanchwok Bhagwati temple. This highway also touches Dolalghat, a junction of Indravati and Sunkoshi river. This highway also leads to Jiri, a gateway to Everest.

4. Tribhuvan highway

Tribhuvan highway is the oldest highway of Nepal.It was built in 1956 with the help from Indian government.it was the first serviceable road connection with India. It is informally known as Byroad in Nepal. This highway connects the capital city Kathmandu with Raxaul at Indian border. It is only 118-kilometer-longbut you can get amazing off-road experience in this highway.This highway starts from king Tribhuvan statue at Tripureshwor and ends at Sirsiya bridge in Birjung boarder. Tribhuvan highway meets Prithivi highway at Naubise and intersects east west highway in Hetauda.This highway meets the places like Daman and kulekhani that you can stop and explore.

5. Siddhartha highway

Siddhartha highway is the major highway that connect the terai of Nepal to the northern hills. It is only 182 kilometers of curves and curved roads that goes through jungles and hills.Siddhartha highway starts from Prithivichwok and ends at Sunauli boarder. Siddartha highway intersects Mahendra highway in Butwal. Most part of this highway is rocky terrain so the trip can be little bumpy.This highway consists about 34 bridges along the way. The more famous stops of this highway are Pokhara and Butwal. You can also stop at Tansen and Syangja and visit Rani Mahal along the way.