Bharatpur City

Bharatpur City is an up and coming fastest growing city in central Terai of Nepal. It is the fourth largest city of Nepal. It lies in the banks of Narayani river and serves as the commercial centre for Chitwan is located in the middle of Mahendra highway from Kathmandu to birgunj. Bharatpur is around 160 km west from Kathmandu. city of Narayanghat is the popular city near Bharatpur. It is famous for meat delicacy called Taas. Most of the shopping areas and entertainment hubs lies in Narayanghat. Bharatpur airport is an important infrastructure of the city. There are 7-10 flights to Bharatpur every day. This airport being most near to Chitwan national park makes it a point of interest to a lot of tourists visiting the national park. It is only 20-25 min flight to Bharatpur from can get van or taxi from there to your destination.

Most of the population in Bharatpur is involved in agriculture because of its positioning infertile part of Nepal in terai.trhere are the lot of small processing industries established in Bharatpur. Bharatpur is also responsible for supplying more than 50% of the poultry products for the whole country. Bharatpur falls under Chitwan district making it more popular with tourist coming to visit Chitwan national itself is filled with a lot of temples and religious spots. It receives a lot of local and domestic tourist.

Bishajari Tal

Bishajari Tal translates to twenty thousand lies in the southern corner of the city and pretty near to the Chitwan national park. It is also a bird watching centre for the bird lovers. It is a protected area holding a lot of endangered species of animals like crocodiles and Bengal tigers. It also a shelter for different types of floras and is only 5 km south from the centre of the city.

Narayani river

Narayani is the largest river of Nepal. It is also one of the deepest rivers of Nepal. It is formed after the mix of seven water sources of mountains. It also holds the fresh water dolphins which are the touristic aspect of this river. This river connects the Nawalparasi district with Bharatpur. The bridge over this rive is held by 15 large round pillars. It is one of the nations commercial lifeline .the river banks are popular picnic spots for local schools.

Rapti River

It acts as a border between Chitwan national park and Bharatpur city. It holds a lot of crocodiles and different species of fishes. It later joins the Narayani river. It is the major tourist attraction because of the canoeing activity inside the protected area. It is also a water source for the animals inside the national park.

Chitwan national park

Chitwan national park is a world heritage site that is just 25 km from the city of Bharatpur. It is located in subtropical inner Terai. The saal trees cover the most jungle with other subtropical forests. The wide range of vegetation types has become habitat for more than 700 species of wildlife in Chitwan national park. The Narayani river system holds endangered species of snakes, crocodiles, tortoise and other aquatic animals. The Chitwan national park is known for holding the most number of one horn rhinoceros and Royal Bengal tigers. Bird watching, canoeing and elephant safari are the popular activities that you can do in Chitwan national park. The Tharu culture has been preserved and promoted in Chitwan national park, and guest can enjoy the Tharu hospitality and their lifestyle.

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