Dhulikhel is a town in Kavrepalanchwok district situated 30 km south-east of Kathmandu. The two major highway, B.P. Highway and Araniko Highway pass through Dhulikhel. Dhulikhel is hilltop town situated at 1550m above sea level. The average temperature of Dhulikhel is 20-degree Celsius making is the attractive destination is summer season. All things to know about Dhulikhel are listed below:

Dhulikhel is a major tourist destination because of its cultural and natural attractions. Dhulikhel is the ideal spot for an overnight stay while traveling to the eastern part of Nepal. Because it is in close proximity of Kathmandu so, it has become one the of the popular destination for the Katmandu citizens who are trying in get some peace from crowded Kathmandu. meanwhile, the sunrise and sunset from Dhulikhel is something no to miss by people traveling to Dhulikhel.


Dhulikhel is a hilltop settlement that provides the panoramic view of Mountains like, Mount Annapurna, Mount Ganesh, Mount Gauri Shankar, Langtang Mountain, and Mount Lhotse. You can see more than 20 peaks from Dhulikhel on a clear day. Before clouds start rising you will be able to see the Mountains looking like floating above the clouds. The hills are green and lushly filled with trees and forest. Also, you can see the amazing view of the Kathmandu valley from the top of Dhulikhel. The hills have agricultural terraces and farms.


Dhulikhel is famous for preserving the ancient building and houses. The ancient Newari houses and architecture can be seen in the old town of Dhulikhel. The beautifully carved windows and doors are the treasure of Dhulikhel. They show the skill of the Newari craftsmanship. The temples around here also portray the culture of people of Dhulikhel. The compact settlement of ancient time is still intact and filled with temples and shrines. You can roam around the public square and narrow alleys of Dhulikhel. The old part of Dhulikhel have the paved alleys with both Hindu temple and Buddhist stupa. It is primarily a Newari settlement but still different are staying at Dhulikhel in harmony.


It is at an ideal spot for staying and traveling to places nearby. The view from Dhulikhel is amazing and holds a lot of historical and cultural importance. You can easily reach there so, it can be a worthy addition in your trip. It has hotels and restaurants to properly accommodate you according to your budget. You can visit the Kali temple at the top of Dhulikhel hill. Bhagwati temple in the middle of the old town has awesome architecture. Dhulikhel view tower is the place that most Nepalis people visit when they arrive at Dhulikhel. You can go to the following places easily from Dhulikhel.

  1. Panauti (8.5 km south)
  2. Namobuddha (11.1 km south)
  3. Palanchowk Bhagwati (26.5 km east)
  4. Chandeshwori temple (5.3 km west)
  5. Sanga (10 km west)
  6. Nagarkot (23.4 km north west)