Monsoon trekking in Nepal

Monsoon trekking in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its trekking routes and ever-changing climate. Because of this, most of the travelers plan their trek in the spring and autumn, as this is the best time to enjoy the climate and excellent himalayan views.  Because of this, there are very few trekking on routes in monsoon. If you dont want to constantly encounter fellow trekkers during your trek, monsoon is the perfect time to do it. Plus, monsoon means lots of greenery and cool climate, specially in Nepal. You can experience a different side of Nepal, which you cannot during other seasons. Some of the recommended routes to trek during monsoon are discussed below.

Mustang Trek
Mustang district is one of the few rain shadow areas in Nepal. This region does not receive heavy rainfall even during monsoon, hence, trekking to Mustang is considered an  ideal option. You might face rainfall in the early days of your journey but after you pass the mountains, rainfall is scarce . Further trekking leads to Lo Manthang(once known as the Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal). You can enjoy traditional Tibetan culture and explore ancient settlements as well. Enjoy the unique living style and culture of people in Mustang. This time of the year, Muktinath temple receives a lot of Hindu pilgrims and you can also be a part of their religious journey.

Manang Trek
Manang district lies to the north of the Himalayas which blocks the monsoon air and is hence considered a rain shadow area. It does not receive much rainfall, so,  it is the considered a favourable option for trekking in monsoon season in Nepal. You can also trek through the Thorong La pass (5,416m ASL) and reach Muktinath in this trek. You can also enjoy Tibetan and other local cultures and festivals that take place during monsoon.

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest base camp trek receives a large number of tourists and adventurers during spring and autumn seasons. Due to the large number of tourists, accommodations are hard to find and everything becomes more expensive during the peak season time. But if you were to go trekking in monsoon, there will be fewer people and accommodations will be easier to come by. You will be able to enjoy the trek to its fullest. One can also interact with the  locals and  spend time with them. There is much less rainfall in the highly elevated areas in monsoon, so there is high probability of seeing clear skies and beautiful mountains. The flight to Lukla will also be less packed and cheaper during monsoon season but there maybe delays in flight due to poor weather.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
This is a short trek which you can enjoy, specially in monsoon. You can start in Pokhara and go through beautiful local villages along the trek while interacting with the common populace. There will be less number of tourists and the hotels will have plenty of rooms to offer. You can also observe traditional farming practices during monsoon season which you might not get a chance to see later on. During monsoon, the hills and fields depict a beautiful scenery of nature. You will  also be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the snow-clad mountains after when the sky is clear.

Dolpo Trek
The flights to the far-western part of Nepal are comparatively cheaper and the seats will be available easily. Upper Dolpo has amazing landscapes and unique traditions to offer. You can visit mysterious canyons and breath-taking monasteries in  the Dolpo region. You will need to do a camping trek so the experience will be more intensified. One can also visit Shey Phoksundo Lake (the deepest lake of Nepal) in the Dolpo region. This lake spans a large area and is a sight to behold with its deep blue water surrounded on all sides by mountains. You can see dramatic hills and mountains and hidden valleys throughout this trek. One can also observe the traditional Tibetan culture and ancient settlements in this region.


Trekking in Nepal in monsoon is possible and can be as exciting as any other time. You just need to keep some buffer days while trekking as the weather in Nepal can change at any time. You might find beginning days harsher but the trek itself will not be of less quality because you are doing in monsoon. With the right preparation and right help, your trek in Nepal can be more fun in monsoon than in another season. There are more options for you to choose from for this monsoon trek. Contact us for further information and queries regarding monsoon trek in Nepal. We will be happy to make your journey easier and your stay in Nepal memorable.