White Monastery

The White Monastery is also known as Druk Amitabh Monastery. In Nepal, it is called “SetoGumba” where “Seto” means white and “Gumba” means Monastery. The monastery is situated in the western part of the Kathmandu valley opposite to Swayambunath. The environment inside the monastery is very calm and peaceful. The monastery belongs to the female monks. The monastery is very rich in Tibetan culture, paintings, statues, architecture, and the view of Kathmandu valley from the monastery is breath-taking. The monastery is only open on Sundays. Recently the monastery is closed until further formal notice.


Tibetan culture, paintings, statues, and architecture.

Beautiful sceneries and peaceful environment.


How To Get There:

You can hire a taxi from Thamel to the white monastery. It will charge about Rs. 500 to go there. Another way is that you can travel from a public vehicle but it will only take you to a junction of Ramkot and white monastery. From there you have to walk for about an hour. You can also take your own vehicle as the road to the monastery is very steep. You can go by car or bike but the scooter is not recommended to take there.