Thamel is the city’s main nightlife zone and a heaven for the tourist coming to Nepal. Thamel provides all the touristic experience and services that capital has to offer. you can reach Thamel in around 20 minutes’ drive from the airport. And most of the tourist do end up in Thamel. the Thamel is able to provide lodging and food at different prices so you are sure to find one of your choices. One will be able to find the hotel according to the price they want to pay and the type of service they want. Thamel is truly the beautiful place in midst of chaos.

Thamel does not have a certain boundary and stretches to different streets jumbled all together. The ancient houses can be found here and there while walking the streets of Thamel. It is the tourist hub of Kathmandu so, you will be seeing a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops targeted to tourist. If you need anything related to travelling you are sure to find that in Thamel. the streets of Thamel is famous for being the heaven for backpackers but it is really exciting to see the excitement in Thamel even for local. Thamel is a collection of people, services and experience. So, There is something new to be found by everyone.

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