Suryavinayak is a temple which is dedicated to Hindu God Ganesh. It is located in the south of the ancient city of Bhaktapur and the area where the temple is located is also known as Suryavinayak. The form of Lord Ganesh in this temple is said to be the curing god and especially for dumb and deaf. Many parents come to this temple with their ill children.

Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu Gods and is worshipped at the beginning of any fortunate event or occasion or work. It is believed by Lord Ganesh is the lord of wisdom, literature and worldly success. Lord Ganesh has a head of an elephant that represents the earthly existence and his body is of a human that represents soul.


The view from Suryavinayak is wonderful.

There is a big bell on the right side of the statue that is tied in an iron chain.

An interesting thing about the temple is that there are many mirror all around the temple offered by the devotees.


How To Get There:

You can easily hire a taxi and tell the driver to take you to Suryavinayak temple. You can also take a bus to Bhaktapur from Kathmandu and take another public vehicle to Suryavinayak.