Panauti Village is a small town located 32 km south-east of Kathmandu. It is one of the oldest towns in Nepal. It still has the feeling of the medieval period and it has a lot of ancient houses and temples. The town is located junction of two holy rivers of Roshi Khola and PungamatiKholaa.  Panauti Village is filled with ancient temples and settlements. The town has been left the same way the founders left it in the medieval period. Panauti Village has never been damaged extremely by the earthquakes. So, the structures and temple were never altered or structurally improved in any way. These architectures have the essence of traditional skills and materials. The wood carving in the doors, windows, and beams of temples attract the eyes and show the skill of the Newari craftsman.

Panauti Village was a small state given by King Bhupatindra Malla to his sister as a dowery on her marriage. It was the trading hub along the salt trading route from Tibet to India.  After the construction of roads on the ancient route, it became more accessible for the pilgrims to reach Panauti. Later it became a major tourist attraction because of the culture and lifestyle. There were few tourists traveling to Panauti Village just to experience the culture and lifestyle of ancient Nepal while getting to know the lifestyle of the local people. The Panauti has become more popular because of the homestay program recently launched by the women and housewives of Panauti. Tourism has become the additional source of income to these families running the homestay program in their houses. This has provided tourist chance to experience the local lifestyle and foods without needing to travel to far to enjoy something that has not been altered or modernized just for tourist shake.

A homestay

Panauti Village homestay is opened by the women of Panauti for sustainable income and tourism promotion in Panauti. The 17 households have opened their houses to the guest from all over the world. This program lets the guest be part of the Nepalese family and find out the intricate details of the Nepalese household ad the traditions. The homestay program is capable of hosting more than 50 guests at once without compromising on the hospitality. You will stay with the host family, enjoy the local food, maybe learn to prepare them in cooking class, help in the field, go on the sightseeing tour of Panauti with the host family and join in the festivals and celebrations.


There are a lot of ancient temples and housing in Panauti. You can casually walk in the town looking at the well preserved historic and religious monuments. Indreshwor temple is in the center of the Panauti. Is mostly remembered by the tourist because of the erotic carvings in the beams of the temple. This Shiva temple is in the middle of the square guarded by stone lions on the entrances.

Krishna temple is in the banks of the junction rivers behind the Indreshwor temple. Krishna temple depicts Lord Krishna as a carefree boy with the flute. The temple is built on top of the brick platform with wood carved columns on both the floors. Tribeni ghaat is one of the holy places to cremate the dead. There are many shrines near the ghaat.

Brahmayani temple was built to honor the chief goddess of the village. The three-tier temple was built in the 17th century. Every year at the end of monsoon season the goddess is taken out of the temple and paraded around the town in a chariot. tola Narayan temple is a white dome with an impressive black stone statue of Narayan inside. The inscription inside states the details on the offering of gold equal of his weight by king Jayasingh Malla.

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