Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Palace Museum was the former Royal Palace located in Kathmandu. In 1961, the current palace was built by King Mahendra. The word “Narayanhiti” is made of two word which is “Narayan” which was the name of God Vishnu and “Hiti” which is a Newari word for water spout. The name “Narayanhiti” was given to the palace because the temple of god Narayan was located opposite the palace and a waterspout was located in the east of the main entrance.

In 1934, there was a great earthquake the palace was partially damaged which killed two infant princess, daughter of King Tribhuvan. In 1961, King Mahendra gave an order to demolish the old palace and construct a new one. In 2008, Nepal had become a democratic country. At that point, the King was given 15 days to leave the palace. After that, the palace was opened as a museum for all to see.

Attractions in Narayanhiti Palace Museum:

The main gate of the palace is 24 feet wide and seven traditional stone conduits stand on both side of the main driveway. It also has images of the serpent gods the Nagaas carved on them.

There is the image of Hanuman and kumara and an idol of ShahasrabhujaLokheshwar made with bronze and surrounded by two lions a little farther down the western drive.

In front of the main stairs, there are two cannons which are facing south which date back to the time of King Surendra (1829-1881).

The main stairs are 45 feet with 33 steps decorated with five pairs of stone sculptures.

Activities can be done in Narayanhiti Palace:

How To Get There:

You can walk from Thamel which will only a few minutes. If you are staying far then Thamel then you can hire a taxi to get there.