Maha Bouddha

Maha Boudha is a popular attraction of culture which is a must see temple. It is also given the nick name as “temple of thousand and eight Buddhas”. It is said so because the temple is covered tiles with Buddha carved into it. If the carving is counted there are thousand and eight Buddhas.

The temple was built by a devotee Abhaya Raj Shakya in 1564. The temple was finished in 1610. It is said that Abhaya’s 5 sons worked to build this temple. Sadly, the fifth one died without completing the temple. It was badly damaged in the earthquake in 1933 and was restored again but the earthquake in 2015 damaged it again. It is in the process of restoring.

Attractions in Maha Bouddha:

The temple itself is mesmerizing and rich in culture.

There are thousand and eight Buddha tile covering the stone temple.

Activities in Maha Bouddha:

How To Get There

You can hire a taxi and say to take you to Sundhara. From there you can walk for about 5 minutes. Or you can find a public vehicle to Sundhara as well.