Jomsom is the small village in Mustang district. It is District headquarters of Mustang district. It is situated in an altitude of around 2750 meter above sea level. The village is situated in the bank of Kali Gandaki river valley. The village lies in the foot of Annapurna mountains. It is an Administrative and cultural center for mustang district. Most of the population follow Buddhism religion and are heavily influenced by the Tibetan culture.

The geography of mustang and Jomsom is one the unique terrain in the whole world. Mustang is the rainshadow area of Nepal so the amount of rain in Jomsom is extremely less. The Kali Gandaki river valley is situated between the two mountain range. The Annapurna mountain range and Dhaulagiri mountain range makes it impossible to receive a good amount of rain. The Mustang is also known as the desert of Nepal. Jomsom mostly remains dry so it is favorable to travel to Mustang even in monsoon season of Nepal.

The mountains in Jomsom does not have trees instead they are empty or filled with the small bushes. Jomsom lies in the middle of Annapurna circuit trek. You will be able to enjoy the artistic hills and mountains during your trip to Jomsom and in Annapurna circuit trek. Kaligandaki river cuts the world deepest George in between the way to Jomsom. The Mustang is also called district behind the mountains. So, the terrain is amazing to explore and have a relaxing time in the lap of untouched nature. The wind in Jomsom is well known among the Nepalese. Mostly the wind starts to blow after midday making the hot and dry day a little bit cooler. Because the winding flight does not take off after 11 am for the rest of the day.  It is a great place to start trekking because of the lots of attraction and service starts to get scarce from here on onwards.

Jomsom Town

Jomsom town is itself beautiful to explore. You can see beautiful scenery from anywhere in the town. You will get to see the beautiful view of the Nilgiri mountain and Dhaulagiri mountain. You will be able to see traditional houses and monasteries in Jomsom. You can visit the bazaar and enjoy local food and drinks. Go around sightseeing the town and nearby villages.


Kaagbeni is a small settlement in upper Mustang filled with bright and ancient houses. It is just 11km from Jomsom. You can see mud covered houses in the barren terrain. Even in the barren land, you can still see buckwheat growing in the terrace fields. You can visit a red monastery and Gumbas in Kaagbeni. You can walk along the cobbled streets and prayer wheels along those streets. The houses have prayer flags waving with the hard wind making an amazing view to look at.

Muktinath Temple

Muktinath is a religious site for both Hindu and Buddhist is situated at the altitude of 3710m above sea level. It is located at the foot of Thorang la pass. It is a Vishnu temple and on top of that, it is one of the oldest Vishnu temples in Nepal. The temple is small in size but has human size idol made from gold.there are 108 water faucets where people go under the taps with the religious belief of removing sins. There are 2 ponds in the front with a similar belief. The area around Muktinath is cooler and filled with greenery.

Dhumba Taal

Before reaching Marpha you will cross a suspension bridge and short uphill to get to Dhumba is also called mini RaRa is situated at the altitude of 2830 meters above sea level. The water in this lake is in emerald green color. It is 13 km or 2 hours hike from Jomsom bazaar.

Marpha Village

Marpha village is a small settlement of hardworking people from which its name is derived from. Marpha is most famous for its appall orchards and ancient settlement. Marpha is the apple capital of Nepal. You will get to see apple trees along the road to Jomsom. People make apple jams, dried apple, and apple alcohol. The stone houses painted white makes it look pretty and clean in such rough terrain. There is also a big monastery that you can visit in Marpha. The sight from the top of the monastery is breathtaking and the prayer flags flowing with the hard is around 15 km far from Jomsom and 3 and half hour hike from Jomsom bazaar.