Jiri is the most developed and popular town in Dolkha district. Jiri Nepal is around 185 km east from Kathmandu and takes a tiring 8 hours bus ride to reach from Kathmandu. It lies at the altitude of 1,905 m above sea level. Jirels are the native resident of Jiri. The town was named after the same community. Jiri was the first settlement to receive Swiss aid in Nepal and it was developed as an agricultural development centre. It is also known as the Switzerland of Nepal because of the weather and the houses built after the Swiss aid. While travelling to Jiri you will be able to see the culture and tradition of a different ethnic group like Jirel, rai, Sherpa, and Tamang. There are several gumbas and monasteries that provide a beautiful sight of whole Jiri town. On a clear day, you will be able to see mount Gauri Shankar and forest of rhododendron blooming from march- April.

famous because..

Primarily it is a popular destination for international tourist, as it is the gateway to Mount Everest. Those who want to do Everest trek the traditional way they have to go through Jiri. Before Lukla airport was built, the route from Jiri was the only way to reach the Everest. The successful expedition of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary also took place using the route from Jiri. Thousands of trekkers still use this route to reach Solukhumbu. The trail from Jiri to Everest base camp is around 190 km long.it takes an average trekker around 9 days to reach Namche Bazaar from Jiri. You will get the tea house accommodation service along the Jiri-Everest trail and Jiri has nice accommodation and other tourist services all over the town.

The surrounding of Jiri is not only famous to the international tourist but a lot of domestic tourists visit Jiri every year. The educational excursion of students arrives at Jiri from different parts of the country. Adult take trip to Jiri to spend day or two in the amazing weather of Jiri. The churpi and cheese of Jiri are popular among Nepalese household. It is taken as souvenirs by both international as well as domestic tourist. There are yaks’ farms from where you can get cheese and chhurpi made from yak milk.