Gorkha district is a historically important area for Nepalese people. Gorkha District is the birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. He started the Nepal unification campaign and fought a lot of battle in order to bring whole Nepal kingdom under a single entity. It was the place where modern started from. It was the ancient kingdom of Shah rulers. Trekkers usually start off from Gorkha for the Manaslu circuit trek. Gorkha is 143 km west from Kathmandu.

Gorkha is the home to the brave troops of Gurkha. The Gorkhalies are said to have the heart of the brave fighters. Most of the population of Gorkha are Gurungs, who have earned praise in both the world wars. Gurungs are known for fierce attitude in battlefield and tradition of kind hospitality towards their guest. Gorkha is an attractive destination because of the religious, cultural as well as natural attraction.

Gorkha Durbar

Gorkha Durbar is a fort, palace, and temple all in one. Gorkha Durbar is located 1210 meter above sea level. It shows the ancient Newari culture and craftsmanship in the palace structures. It takes about 1700 steps to the Gorkha Durbar from Gorkha bazaar. You will be able to see the Manaslu mountain, Dhaulagiri mountain and Ganesh Himal from the palace complex. The palace look over Gorkha bazaar and holds rich cultural significance. It is popular destination to see scenic view and learn the history of Nepal.

Manakamana temple

Manakamana temple name is derived from the wish of heart. It is believed that the Manakamana goddess fulfills the wish of pilgrims that visit her shrine. Every year thousands of believers reach to the top of the mountain to pry the Manakamana goddess. Manakamana temple is situated on top of the mountain at 1320 meters above sea level. Not only religious tourist but the curious ones who wanted to ride cable car used to overflow the Manakmana temple. There is two way to reach Manakamana temple. The most popular way is through cable car that joins two districts. The next way is a day hike to the top with the scenic and quiet hike to the top. Kurintar is on one end of cable car station which is the 3-4 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Gorakhnath cave

Gorakhnath is believed to be a powerful and great saint. A lot of temples and monasteries is named after him in Hindu countries. He is regarded as the god of Nepal. The district or the state of Gorkha is named after Gorakhnath. There is a cave with the footprint believed to be of Gorakhnath just 10 meters down the Gorkha Durbar. Many religious followers visit the temple constructed near the cave. Every year on the day of Baishak Purnima there is a great celebration in Gorkha at the cave. It is called Rot Mahotsav and has been celebrated for last seven hundred years.