It is located in the southern part of Lalitpur. It is most famous for the Botanical Garden. It is a garden where you can find various kinds of plants, trees, and birds. It has a fabulous environment and is a very popular destination for hiking because of its rich wildlife. It also a popular place for a picnic for family and friends. In fact, Godawari is known as the best picnic spot in Nepal.


There is various kind of birds flying around so it is a perfect place for bird watching.

The botanical garden has a beautiful collection of various plants and trees.

Godavari Kunda


How To Get There:

You can also hire a cab. You can also take a bus from Lagankhel which will cost about 20 rupees. If you have to come from Kathmandu then you can take a bus to Lagankhel and then to Godawari.