Chitlang is an ancient Newar is a small village only 22km south from Kathmandu. Chitlang village is located south to Chandragiri hill and situated at the altitude of 1833m. It is a beautiful picturesque village which offers a lot of Nepalese cultures and village lifestyle. You can find different ethnicity like Newar, Tamang, Bahun in Chitlang village. The village of Chitlang is untouched by modernization and it provides the visitors to soak themselves in nature and quaint lifestyle. The ride to Chitlang can be a little bumpy but the view is open and beautiful.

Chitlang trip can be an overnight trip where you can enjoy full day exploration of the village. Chitlang also offers a village stay experience for those who are unknown to the life of the village. The homestay program is run by the members of the village and can be a unique experience for those who like to experience a typical village life in Nepal. This destination is recently becoming popular among the youngsters of the valley. Even the families have started to travel to Chitlang for a break from their busy lifestyle. The stunning sceneries and traditional laid-back lifestyle capture the heart of many tourists travelling to Chitlang.

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