Bungamati is a Newari village and known as Bunga in Newari language. It is the hometown of the god Machindranath. The large shikhara-style temple in the center of the village square is referred to his home for 6 months of the year and the other half year is spent inĀ Patan. One of the most important annual festivals in the valley is the process of moving God Machindranath back and forth between Patan and Bungamati. In the earthquake in 2015, the city faced a huge destruction as most of the house was built in the traditional way i.e. with mud and bricks.

Point of Attractions:

It is the hometown of God Machindranath.

The chow Rangi around the temple is said to be one of the most beautiful in the valley as you can see the heart of a functioning Newar town from there.

Point of Activities:

How To Get There;

You can get a bus from Lagankhel or any other bus park which goes to Bungamati. You can also hire a taxi and go to the place.