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Best Short Tours to Nepal

The short tour in Nepal are designed to offer the most number of unique experiences and an immersion with the place you are visiting within a small time, generally below 5 days of travel time. Worried that you do not have enough time to experience a place to its fullest? Do not worry, we are here on our short trips.

Don’t have enough time to explore Nepal? Then join us on a short tour in Nepal that will be fully packed with activities for you to know about Nepal. You will be going to the most popular and fascinating areas in the short amount of time. worried that you will only visit very few places on your trip? Do not worry, these short trips are created to travel in fast-paced than other packages.

The must-see places are included and will be properly introduced to you, along with giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Nepalese culture. if you think you can fit more or choose the next option on destination or activities than the pre-planned itinerary, then you can customize the trip according to your liking. The best-handpicked destinations are the right way to go while traveling for the really short amount of time.

Action-packed trip
Due to the low number of days, we have to have our short trips packed with activities and experiences to help you fully immerse yourselves in the destination. Due to this reason, our short trips will be much more fast-paced and will have you exhausted (in a good way!) with the day’s learning and sightseeing.

Short vs others
Our short trips are like Classic trips’ exuberant and restless children. They are shorter (smaller) than their parents but are much pacier and exhausting. Similar to Classic trips, we aim to put in popular sights and experiences into our short trips. The idea is that if you are visiting for a short time, make the best of your time and see and experience as much as you can.

Short Packages

Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Duration : 5 Days
    Difficulty :
Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Duration : 4 Days
    Difficulty :

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