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Nature and Wildlife Package in Nepal

Nature and wildlife Tour in Nepal are designed with the aim of getting closer to the natural habitat, exploring various flora and fauna species, and getting to know about the importance of forests and wildlife. Or if you just want to have a peek at tigers, spy birds singing or go on a canoe journey amidst alligators, our wildlife trips are just for you!

Nepal treasures its endangered animals and the large forest spread throughout the country. They are the major part of tourist attraction in Nepal and we hope to do the same. Nature and wildlife themed packages will take you to the jungles to see some of the rarest sights of wild animals and birds. Follow the footsteps of these animals and experience the wildness of the jungle.

Eco-tourism & conservation
Our wildlife tours follow the best eco-tourism and sustainable practices when it comes to ecological protection and wildlife conservation. The idea is that you can see tigers and rhinos as much as you like, but your presence should not alarm or threaten them in any way, or even pollute and harm their habitat, the forest.

Why wildlife tours?
In this age of rapid wildlife extinction and deforestation, people need to be aware of the importance of wildlife and forests. This is our way of spreading awareness and telling the people that wildlife and forests matter. We offer travelers activities like staying in jungle lodges, going on guided walks throughout forest areas, navigating rivers on canoes and boats, observing animals and learning about them, befriending elephants and sighting both common and rare birds in our wildlife trips.

Nature & wildlife Packages

Explore and Indulge in the wilderness

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