Family Friendly Tour in Nepal

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Family Friendly Tour in Nepal

Family friendly trips are especially designed for family travelers and vacationers. Our family trips are much more relaxing and slow-paced, allowing plenty of time for families to pursue their own interests and spend rewarding time with each other. Our family trips are based on comfort and relaxation, with special focus on soft adventure and community involvement and activities.

Worried that your family members have different taste and choices? Nepal is capable of addressing the interest of any kind of tourist. The family friendly packages can be customized according to your family’s preference and the pace of travel can also be selected according to the time you want to spend in Nepal. Nepal accepts every race, religion and background of people. Most of the destination are family friendly with basic accommodation even in remote areas so, you do not need to worry about a thing travelling together with your family in Nepal.

Hassle free family travel
Family travel is a relatively difficult process to manage, especially considering the need for comfort, safety, security and a flexible itinerary that families usually require. We have streamlined this arduous process with our family friendly trips. We take care of all your needs, and family trip specializing guides take complete care of your tour arrangements and ensures flexibility in your travel choices.

Family trips vs others
Our family trips are fully private trips with itineraries and inclusions which considers the travel needs and interests of family travelers. As opposed to classic or other trip styles, family trips are meant to be conduct in small groups of 3-8 persons, are much more relaxing and offer plenty of free time for families to relax, or to take on additional activities, games and volunteering works.

Family friendly Packages

Family Friendly Tour in Nepal

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