Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

Trekking & Walking

Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

Exploring long distances, mountain passes, rural villages, majestic gorges, and other natural beauties, all on foot, for a multitude of days is trekking. Trekking is not only physically demanding but rewarding as well. What can compare to the euphoria, and the sense of adventure on discovering a wonderful landscape after hours of hiking? Or the feeling of accomplishment at the end of any trek? Very few things can compare.

The fun thing about trekking and hiking is that it doesn’t-necessarily need a destination. You can experience a lot of new things during your trek in Nepal. Nepal is the leading tourist destination for trekking and hiking with great routes and destinations. All the Himalayas and green hills in Nepal are perfect to get you out of your comfort zone and place you in the lap of nature. Experience the true beauty of life in the hardship of mountains. During the trek, you can get to experience the culture and lifestyle of people living along the route. When you are trekking in remote places where no people are around you will see the untouched nature and geography unspoiled by humans. Traveling while trekking and hiking are good for your physical as well as emotional health. Hiking will allow you to take a breather when your mind gets dulled with everyday work

We at Red Carpet Journey provide you with expert navigators, guides and other staff, alongside accommodation and meals, and try our best to make it a wonderful experience. Trekking can be arduous, and at time uncomfortable! but there is no denying it is an adventure at its best. Our trekking trips try to encapsulate the sense of adventure and accomplishment while taking you to unexplored and inspiring locations with a unique culture and vibrant people.

Physical Activity
Trekking is physically demanding, with a minimum of 3 stars on our difficulty index for any trek. To participate on a trekking trip, you must ensure that you are physically fit to hike through a variety of terrain, through farmlands and river banks in flat plains to arduous mountain passes in the Himalayas, for over 5 hours a day.

Hiking vs trekking
Hiking is traversing trails and passes for a short duration, but trekking refers to extended travels on foot, for a multitude of days. Put it like this, trekking comprises multiple hikes, over an extended time, of days, maybe even weeks.

Trekking & hiking Packages

Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

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