Things To Do In Pokhara

Things to do in Pokhara – How to get the most of Pokhara in Single Day?

A lot of travelers I met say that in order to get a good view you always have to work hard for it. Or what are the things to do in Pokhara or even how to get the most of Pokhara in a Single Day? Some part of that might be true but not all of it. I believe that you have to be in a right place at a right time to enjoy the amazing view. Same will be applied for the first day at Pokhara. First is you just need to wake up early and get into the vehicle, it takes around 25-30 minutes to reach Sarangkot.


Here, are the Eight things you should not miss and can know things to do in Pokhara:

1. The sunrise at Sarangkot is absolutely fantastic. You can see the orange sky before the sunrise and clouds floating over the city and the Phewa Lake. The clouds parting ways for the glorious mountain range and the yellow sparkle from sunlight hitting the snowy peaks. This is the way your first day at Pokhara should start like.


2. Take a picture from the top and enjoy the view of lake, city, and mountain at the same time. Maybe even a cup of coffee or a tea will be a good company.


3. Take a breakfast at a local cafe looking the laid-back life of Pokhara waking up before you. You can also sit near the lake and watch devotees boating to the island temple and boats paddling from one shore to the other.


4. Take a taxi or walk to Devi’s fall which is around 4 km from the lakeside. There is not much to see but the water from Devi’s fall passes through a cave on the other side.


5.¬†Take beautiful stairs leading to Gupteshwor cave. There will be water droplets everywhere and you have to walk through the path created by cutting underground rocks at the end of the cave you will be able to see the end part of Devi’s fall. You will able to feel the roaring waterfall splashing droplets all over the cave and little light passing through the split in a center of the cave.


6. Try out the Momo for lunch Chhorepatan, after the lunch return to the lakeside and take a boat to the other shore.


7. There are stairs up to the peace stupa at the top of the hill. Walk through the forest for 1 hour and you will see a white stupa with the golden steeple. You will be able to see amazing mountain ranges above and shining Phewa lake below.


8. The sunset from peace stupa is amazing and try not to miss. You can see the amazing view of valley climbing back down but there are options for driving back to the city.


The lakeside gets livelier as it gets dark. You can see bars and restaurants fill with colorful lights. Many tourists like to stroll down the road looking for the place to have a drink. Choose a nice place you like and enjoy a drink and the music. Hit any of the restaurants to have a dinner. Lakeside has so many restaurants that you can try any type of cuisine you want. You can even try the local dish if you like. After following these step and tips you can almost completely know what are the things to do in Pokhara when you visit and how to cover up most of the place with full enjoyment.