10 reasons Why You Should Celebrate Holi : Festive of Color

It is an exclusive festival, the likes of which are possibly not found anywhere else in the world. An energetic yet colorful festival of the several myths, folklores and divinities associated with it. Holi is manifested as much by sacred fever and devotion as it is by loud music, traditional dances and of course the forceful throwing of bright vermillion on friends and folks. Interestingly in Nepal, celebration day and method is different in Kathmandu and in Terai region. Holi is not just a riot of colors, but a significant consolidation of customs and devoutness. You must participate and enjoy during Holi, if you want a real feel of this vibrant festival.

Nowadays everyone the world over has heard of Holi, the jolly and vivid Festival of Colors. What originated as a Hindu commemoration has gained global attention and is now celebrated around the world. But, the fact remains, undeniably nothing knocks rejoicing this colorful and truly remarkable celebration in its original home on the Indian subcontinent.

In an outstanding demonstration of the victory of virtuous over wicked, massive crowds adjoins a medley of rainbow-colored powders into the air, coating the whole world in an enchanted, shimmering radiance. The mood is sparkling and bubbly where the beams and amusement are definitely infectious.

10 reasons why you should celebrate Holi:

  1. Unfastened and discover your inner child
  2. Add pulsating color to a black and white world
  3. Rejoice the arrival of spring
  4. Celebrate love, passion and harmony
  5. Entice your taste buds with magnificent festival food
  6. Demonstrate that colors really do speak all languages
  7. Laugh overwhelmingly as it is the best prescription
  8. Dance in the merry music and absorbing atmosphere
  9. Form memories with treasured ones
  10. Kick off your day as a blank canvas and transform it into a vivid work of art

The festival signifies the conquest of noble over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and pardon, and repair cracked relations.

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