Traveling: Independent Vs Escorted

Traveling: Independent Vs Escorted

When I started writing on this topic I was not sure about something. I didn’t have a specific choice between two options that is the best method of traveling. The escorted tour further breaks down to two conditions so I decided to start with pros and cons so, it will help you figure out better one among them on your own. I will try to specify the situational factor so you will be able to relate to this discussion.

When you are traveling independently your trip becomes more spontaneous and you have full control over various aspect of traveling. Independent travelers have full control over where they will go and how long they stay there. You can have slow-paced travel in one destination and faster in another. Because it is always your choice you will get the chance to know the culture better. Independent traveling is gaining popularity among the younger generation because of the spontaneity. The information technology has helped independent travelers to easily organize their trips. If you are traveling to rather developed destinations with internet access and speak the same language as you then independent traveling is for you.

On the other hand, there are some frustrations that come with independent traveling. Because of its spontaneity, you might not be able to fully appreciate the places you are traveling. Knowing even one destination needs extensive research. Just looking through attractions without knowing its history and importance does not meet the purpose of traveling. Even if you are trying to save some money the hardship and annoyance that you need to face while managing all the necessity might not be worth it. Sometimes you travel to have some good time and don’t need the annoyance of organizing and managing everything. I will not say that traveling independently is lonely and scary but, while traveling to places you are unknown to, the language you don’t understand and the huge cultural difference it will be hard to adjust for anybody.

Traveling independently:

Try to get to your hotel a little early so that you will have a chance of getting accommodation according to your choice or change if you have pre-booked if you don’t like it. Always take a card from your hotel so, it will be easier when you return to the hotel. When you are in the place where they don’t speak the same language as you do, you can just show the hotel card and ask them to drop you there.

There are organized group tours and personalized tour you can choose from so, the pros and cons become situational. When you are traveling in a group with agency escorting, you will have the limited choice of food and destination. You will follow a specific itinerary and information might not be clearly established in the large group of people. It is the cheapest and easiest option. You will also get the opportunity to make new friends during your trip. All of the transport and hotel will be booked by the traveling agency so there is no hassle for you. You can just walk in the group and soak all you can. These tours cover almost all the necessary and important parts of the destination so there is less chance you will miss any of them. This type of trip attracts who have limited time and budget and want to get the most out of their travel.

Traveling with an escort:

Try to find a tour that is for people of your age. It will always be difficult to travel with someone you have nothing in common with. If you decide to take a group tour to try to enjoy as much as you can because all the travel necessities are taken care of.

If you have enough money, I think doing a tour with a private escort is the best option. This way you can get the best of both worlds. You can plan and control the trip as you like. For other traveling requirements agency will take care of all the necessity. With a personal escort, you can decide where you want to travel and making your trip easy and memorable will be the job of the agency. There will be no time constraints during this trip so you can properly enjoy your trip with the guide by your side to inform and help you with anything you need.

There will always be situational determinants so I hope you got basic information that will help you to decide what suits you. There are pros and cons to everything, most fitting option among them should be chosen. So, traveling any way broaden our mind and makes us more conscious about our own life as well as the world. Happy holidays and have a safe journey for when you decide to travel.