Motorcycle Tour in Nepal

Motorcycle Tour in Nepal

We all know someone’s or we are that individual who is a Budget Motorcycle Tour in Nepal enthusiast and just loves to travel on motorbikes. Most of us while on vacations would prefer the safer side of the journey travel by cars, buses, trains, planes, etc. But if you are one of the wild ones that love to spend less and travel more Budget Motorcycle Tour in Nepal would be the ride of choice. There is something about the adrenaline that comes with motorbiking. So, why do some travelers choose to travel on motorbikes knowing the race that comes with it?

The answer to this question is that it varies from one individual to another.  Some may say their  chase for adrenaline, some may tell their stories about someone that inspired them into it, some may say they just love how motorbike make them feel and  well some may say just for the fun of it”. No matter what their answer is one thing is sure that they chase what sets their soul on fire of around Nepal is no easy fit- seeing its rugged terrain and uncharted routes. So how and where do you travel in Nepal on a Budget Motorcycle Tour in Nepal to make the most out of your trip?

Well, first thing is you need a motorbike which you can either purchase or rent it. Renting would be the best idea for those travelers who travel for a short period of time. You have a variety of bikes you could rent – Royal Enfield, Crossfire, and Cross X etc. Most Travelers prefer the Royal Enfield commonly known as the bullet which is a retro designed motorbike that hasn’t changed much since the world war days but these are considered very durable by most and are easily repaired anywhere in the country. So if you are thinking about where to travel on these machines then Here, are the 3 most popular places you must go to through motorbike in Nepal.

1. Mustang:

Mustang is one of the most favored destinations among those tourists who love to travel through bikes. Famous for apples, springs, and brandies many people out here generate their income through retailing it. You can, however, have an interesting trip because the landscapes out there are magnificent and the Buddhist culture is something you should analyze out there.

2. Bandipur:

Bandipur is one of the most charming and famous places among those riders who love to stay away from the hassled area. Considered as the oldest route for merchants the town is standing tall from the 18th century.  Hence if you love the old architecture and peaceful areas that has good accommodation facilities and cultural food then you should consider this place as your next ride.

3. Lumbini:

Located 22km west of Siddhartha Nagar, Lumbini was the birthplace of one of the histories most revered figure “Gautam Buddha” During the years following Buddha’s lifetime this was a major place of pilgrimage, but the site was lost to history until the discovery of Ashoka Pillar in 1896 A.D. Hence, if you want to venture more out there you can visit almost hundreds of different temples and monasteries constructed from various countries.