Chhath Puja in Nepal - Red Carpet Journey Chhath Puja in Nepal is done since long ago and it is the ancient festival dedicated to the sun god. It is the only Vedic festival dedicate to the sun god. He is called Surya devata in Sanskrit. People worship Surya Devata and his wife Usha for sustaining life......
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Festival of Light

Festival of lights Tihar is a five-day long festival celebrated by Hindus mostly from India and Nepal. It is also called the festival of lights because of Hindus clean and lights all night long during this festival. The houses illuminated with burning Diyo, an oil lamp made from is the second......
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Festival in Kathmandu valley :Indra Jatra

Festival in Kathmandu valley: Indra Jatra Indra Jatra is the biggest religious street festival of Nepal. This festival is mainly known as yenya by the locals of Kathmandu. Yen translets to Kathmandu and ya means celebration. The two main celebration falls during yenya. The first one is KumariJatra.......
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Gandharvas: looking into the Nepalese culture

Gandharvas are the famous community in Nepal and known among the most Nepalis because of their unique culture and occupation. Most members of this community are engaged in singing and dancing traditional songs. This community has been earning their living through singing and music while traveling to......
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Independent Traveling Vs Escorted Traveling

Independent Traveling Vs Escorted Traveling   When I started writing on this topic I was not sure about something. I didn’t have a specific choice between two options that is the best method of traveling. The escorted tour further breaks down to two conditions so I decided to start with pros......
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