Red Carpet Journey

Best Travel Brand in Nepal – Red Carpet Journey

Red Carpet Journey is best travel brand in Nepal and  our online venture where we have endeavored to the provide the best trips along a wide spectrum of theme / trip styles to our clients. Clients can choose from a wide pool of meticulously crafted trips, all based on a specific theme, so as to cater to various interest groups’ travel needs. At present, we offer trips in the major 4 Himalayan destinations of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Northern India, and have dubbed it ‘the Himalayan Journey’. From trekking & walking trips to volunteering, we have it all on display.

Moreover, we have also provided fixed departure (FD) and private trip (PT) options, where our clients can choose either FD or a PT option on the same package (same itinerary and inclusions). Read more about our trip types.

However, the website is more than just trips. We have all the necessary information on our destinations, which includes information on things like attractions, destination FAQs, VISA and political info, health and medical info. We also have a dedicated blog section to constantly publish travel inspirations.

For more detail and inquiry visit our Facebook page or contact us at :  +977 4381043