Bandipur: One of Nepal’s charming Newari towns

Bandipur: One of Nepal’s charming Newari towns

An offbeat choice of destination, Bandipur village is the hidden gem of Nepal. Bandipur lies on the KathmanduPokhara highway famously known as the Prithivi Highway. To get to Bandipur, you drive to Dumre from Kathmandu. From there, you can choose to take a jeep or go on a hike all the way up to Bandipur. The trail up to Bandipur from Dumre is a dirt road. And it can be muddy at times in the monsoon. Look for a steep trail on the left before reaching Dumre, it is the way to Bandipur bazaar.

Ideally chosen for a getaway place by travelers, Bandipur has so much to offer when looking for things to do in the place. You can stroll around the town at your own pace visiting temples, caves and silkworm farms. The  bazaar at the heart of Bandipur is a fantastic sight. Along with its main street lined with traditional row houses, it is a wonderful sight. The history of Bandipur dates back to the time when it was an important transit for the trade route to Tibet. Sadly, most of the traditional houses have been renovated and turned into hotels and guesthouses.

Even though it seems like that the time seems to have stopped here, Bandipur has all the modern amenities. The main bazaar is home to various coffee shops with free WiFi services. Here you can chill, read a book or just scroll through your feed. A 30 minutes walk up from the southwest end of the bazaar to the top of the hill will take you to the famous Thani Mai temple. From here, you get stunning panorama views of the Himalayas with the lush green valley below. The spectacular sunrise from the Gurungche Hill is one of the reason to hike up to Thani Mai temple. Another attraction you shouldn’t miss, is the visit to the silkworm farms. You can learn about the production of silk. The whole farm is sown with mulberry plants. food for the silkworms.

If you’re up for longer hikes, then a half-day hike leads you to Siddha cave. This cave is one of the largest caves in Nepal. As you descend down the cave, you will see the interior full of stalactite and stalagmite rocks. You can also abseil all the way down to the cave and see the unique formation of rocks. If you don’t like long walks but still want to see amazing views, then walk to Tudikhel, an open ground that is now a football field. Enjoy a chilled beer with the sunset view over the towering mountain ranges from the ridge in Tudikhel. Paragliding services are also provided from Bandipur. You get to see the beautiful Marshyangdi valley with all the thrill of the adventure sport.

Bandipur is the perfect combination of having majestic views, charming houses, traditional architecture and adventure sports. Moreover, stop by at Bandipur when you’re driving from Pokhara to Kathmandu to make yourself relaxed and chill by experiencing the real taste of rural Nepal.