Awesome Nepalese Cultural Diversity and its History

Why is it awesome to live in culturally diverse Nepal?


Nepal is one of those countries that has lots and lots of unique culture, which it is hard to keep track of. While traveling to Nepal you can see that Nepal is multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic country and is hard to find any other country with these lot varieties in such a small area. Nepal is only 147,181 km2 and fills with a lot of unique peoples and culture.


There is a saying that there are more festivals in Nepal than there is the number of days in a year. And it is true, that there are so many festivals celebrated by so many religion and ethnicity all over the country throughout the year.


What is the history of this culture collection?


Before the unification of modern Nepal, Nepal was divided into smaller states with their own cultural uniqueness. So, when late king Prithvi Narayan Shah started his campaign to unite the country, which was the long and difficult process, this new and modern Nepal came to existence.


Nepal lies between two geographically and economically rich countries India and China. Because of the political placement, there is the huge cultural influence of these countries on different parts of Nepal. The language and activities of people living in the southern part of people are influenced by the culture in India while the northern part is influenced by Tibet.


But this does not mean there is no existence of uniqueness because of the influence of these foreign countries. The people of different community and background have made the existing culture and language as their own. As the time passed by some new ethnicity gets formed while others merged. some ethnic groups slowly lose their touch of uniqueness while some communities exploited the opportunity provided to them through cultural tourism and many other platforms.


Does this mean culture in Nepal is disappearing?


No, I don’t think that the cultural diversity of Nepal is disappearing. The people have kept the originality and most of this is possible is because of the geographical positioning and topographic restriction. Nepal is full of rough land terrain so, many communities are not heavily influenced by modernization.


The rural part of Nepal has preserved the community vibe and respect toward the tradition which is the positive thing for the preservation of diverse culture. Because of this, the cities which have been prey to modernization brings all different culture together. Instead of a disturbance between different culture, harmony is present everywhere among the diverse culture.


There is a mutual respect for every culture, tradition, and language. most cities in Nepal attracts population from all over the country, there is always the presence of multicultural harmony between people. Because of this, the culture gets influenced by each other and grows.


New and better relationship starts to build and new hybrid culture with its own uniqueness starts to, it is pretty sure that this rich culture is protected in some parts of the country while it is growing and taking new form in other parts of the country.


So, what is so cool about having this much diversity?


Because of the diverse culture, love for their own culture makes people more appreciative toward their own as well as others. People not only love own culture but, try to preserve others by being respectful toward them.


While living in the community you are not blocked from enjoying the different aspect of their lifestyle and activities. Instead, you are welcome to join different festivals when there is no religious boundary. When anything auspicious happens in the community, the celebration will have the inclusion of different people from different culture and ethnicity.


During hard times people are kind and helpful to other fellow human being and the problem is solved by the whole community. Nepal has unity even though the people speak the different language, have the different color, have different economic standard and follow the different religion.


It is fun to stay in Nepal because of the people not just because of its natural beauty. People of Nepal are as interesting as the biodiversity of Nepal.