The Red Carpet Experience

In all our operations, we at Red Carpet Journey strive to maintain a standard to recognize us by. We provide a special focus on the sentiment of hospitality, of travel, and of adventure. Everyone loves to see a smile and interact with smiling and kind-hearted people. Our team believes that hospitality is the art of making people feel welcome, and we try to implement this sentiment in everything we do. We like to lay out a metaphorical Red Carpet for our clients, travelers and adventurers to walk on, and feel welcome wherever they travel with us and whatever they do.

This is what we like to call the Red Carpet Experience. So to summarize, your Red Carpet Experience involves the following:

  1. Excellent and to-the-point communications pre-travel
  2. Relevant travel recommendations and suggestions keeping in mind your very specific travel needs
  3. Aesthetic excellence everywhere you interact / engage with the Red Carpet Brand
  4. 24/7 operator hotline availability for immediate communication and response pre, travel and post-travel
  5. Excellent value for money travel propositions on the table
  6. Environment-friendly and responsible travel principles applied throughout all travel offerings and propositions