Red Carpet Journey

Red Carpet Journey is anĀ online venture where we have tried to provide a wide variety of travel products and offerings to our clients, travelers and adventurers. You can choose from a wide pool of meticulously crafted trips, based on specific themes or styles, so that you can find the travel product to best suit your preferences. At present, we offer trips in Nepal only.

With Red Carpet Journey, we want to provide flexibility and options to our travelers. The entire website is based on this concept. All our travel offerings are of two types: fixed departures (specific date departures) and private trips (custom dates and times), and all our private trips offer varying standards of services, amenities and luxuries to suit your preferences.

However, we have also tried to be as informative as possible, not just about our products, but also about the destinations where you will be traveling. Our content team have gone out of their way to create a small library of contents ranging from history, geography, places to visit, FAQs, various regions and protected areas and a regularly updated blog section. You can learn quite a lot about our destinations without ever visiting!

Red Carpet Journey is an amalgamation of two companies with the same name; Red Carpet Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd and Red Carpet Treks & Adventures Pvt Ltd, both founded as travel agencies and tour operators based in Nepal. Click here for more info.