Our Story

Our story starts with the founder Mr. K.P. Pathak, a film maker by profession, who had traveled extensively for nearly two decades of his professional career, thus instilling in him the love of travel, of exploration and adventure, and of knowing the unknown.

So it was early 2011, when Mr. Pathak and his enthusiastic team of professionals, along with their cameras and lights, set out to explore the rural area of Jumla, in western Nepal. In the place where the news from the nearest city took upwards of a months to arrive, Mr. Pathak found poor yet kind and warm-hearted people. People, who helped him understand the true meaning of hospitality. So once he came back to Kathmandu, he was determined to do something for the place, something to contribute in the betterment of the inhabitants of not only Jumla, but also other such places in the Himalayan nation. After some days of contemplation, he decided that he would create a tourism enterprise and conduct tours to such rural areas to contribute towards their local economies and societies.

Mr. Pathak founded Red Carpet Treks & Adventure Pvt Ltd, a trekking and adventure company, in 2012 to realize his vision. This is how the Red Carpet brand in the Nepali travel space was conceived.