Legal is owned by Red Carpet Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd, and the Red Carpet Logo and Brand are owned by Red Carpet Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd and Red Carpet Treks & Adventure Pvt Ltd. Both companies were founded in June 2012 and are registered under the Departments of Industry, Tourism and also under the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, of the government of Nepal.

Red Carpet Journey is an online venture by the above legal entities to provide the best travel offerings and services to global travelers in Nepal through its website.


Red Carpet Tours & Travels (PAN: 600373544, REGD: 88241/068/069)
Red Carpet Treks & Adventure (PAN: 601845639, REGD: 119562/070/071)


Partners | Red Carpet’s Sister Companies

Cine Makers Pvt Ltd is Red Carpet Journey’s Sister Company, and is solely focused on film and media productions and location management. Cine Makers Pvt Ltd helps Red Carpet Journey in its media programs, and is helped in return for travel and logistical management requirements.


Cine Makers Pvt Ltd (PAN: 500173291, REGD:     )