10 Things about Dolpo

10 Things to know about Dolpo

Dolpo is one of the relatively unexplored locations in Nepal. It lies in western Nepal with all the hidden valleys and canyons.it is a rain shadow area of Nepal so there are very few green hills. You can enjoy the brown rough terrain with a majestic view of the dry desert of Nepal. Dolpo region is an isolated part of the country because of its geographical position. Dolpo region lies between Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri range. Because of this position the Dolpo region hasn’t been explored. Dolpo region is also filled with a distinctive culture and tradition that is rare to find in any other part of the country. The 10 things to know about Dolpo are listed below.

1. Religion
Most people living in this area follow the Tibetan culture. Their ancestors were the refugee from Tibet in the 6th century. The people in this area also follow unique religion called Bon religion. Most monasteries in Dolp0 are either born or kagyumpa monasteries. It’s hard to travel south so most of the trade of the people of Dolpo happens with Tibet.

2. Animals
Dolpo region is also famous for being habitat to some of the rare animals of the world. Animals like Himalayan blue sheep and snow leopard can be spotted in this area. Other animals like musk deer, jackals and yaks can be seen during the trip to Dolpo. The caravan of yaks carrying goods is still in use and fascinating sight to see.

3. Crops
Because of the rough land in Dolpo, very little irrigable are present. People usually grow potatoes, buckwheat, wheat, millet, Tibetan barley. Their main dependency is on these crops and animal husbandry.

4. Yarsha-gumba
The interesting plant you can find in the Dolpo region is a medicinal plant called Yarsa-gumba. It is the combination of fungus and plant which is very valuable for medicinal purpose. Several villages go on a group hunt for Yarsha-gumba during the season and it is an integral part of the life of Dolpo people.

5. Shey Phoksundo Lake
Shey Phoksundo lake lies inside Shey Phoksundo national park in Dolpo region. It is the deepest lake in Nepal with turquoise blue water and calm surrounding. Rocky hills and deep forests frame this lake. One can also observe scenes of beautiful snow-capped mountains in the background. It is 4.8 km long and 600m deep and there are more than 20 stupas on the southern side of the lake.

6. Mount Dhaulagiri
Mount Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world. With the height of 8,167 meters, it lies within the border of the country and the places like Dolpo on the other side. You can enjoy the awesome view of Dhaulagiri from your flight and also during your trek to Dolpo.

7. Kanjirowa
Kanjirowa is one of the beautiful mountains of Dolpo region.it is only 6,883 m above sea level and adventurous climb to the top can be done from Dolpo region. You will also be able to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna found around kanjirowa during the mountaineering expedition to the top.

8. Villages in high altitudes
You will find that most of the villages in the Dolpo region are situated at high altitudes. Most part of Dolpo is located 3500m above sea level. The settlements in Dolpo are some of the highest settlements in the world. There is community bonding because of the rare outside contact with the world.

9. Nomadic lifestyle
The settlements in Dolpo are in high altitude so it will be unbe3arable cold during winter.so the route to Dolpo is impassable for 6 months of the year. The people travel up north with the caravan of yaks for trading and bringing in the essentials. Most villages travel to get salts and food from Tibet and Yarsha-gumba from mountains.

10. Trek
Trek to Dolpo is one of the interesting treks you will ever do in Nepal. You will trek to a variety of landscape of Dolpo as well as enjoy the rugged beauty in trekking this part of Nepal. enjoying the unique culture along the way the trek will be tough yet beautiful. You will stay in tents and local villages along the way so you will be closer to nature and the community of Dolpo.

Even though Dolpo is located in a difficult place and in rough topography, the people in Dolpo have preserved the culture and tradition for centuries. It is one of the hardest and most satisfying treks available in Nepal. You will get to enjoy the ancient culture and lifestyle while interacting with the few people that still stay in Dolpo region. if you have more queries on Dolpo or any other treks in Nepal please contact red carpet journey. We will try to help you during your stay in Nepal and find you more interesting places like Dolpo for your travel.

These are the 10 things to know about Dolpo. Do you want to learn more? Get in touch.